Chilling in Bequia…

Sunday, luckily, was a non-working day for Winfield and his guys as it rained quite hard all morning, so we had a lazy time on board. Around lunchtime the weather improved so we took dink ashore to Princess Margaret beach and gave him a good old scrub…. We even took off his engine and cleaned his bottom… We also met some other English cruisers and a lone holidaymaker as they enjoyed wandering the beach. Looking much better, dink not us, and now branded with our UK registration number on both hulls – we went back aboard for a quiet night, quite shattered and enjoyed a spectacular sunset with an almost full moon….. And I mean a quiet night, as we haven’t had a drink all weekend and were tucked up in bed by 8pm!

Monday morning and Richard went off to collect Hanky from the dock at Ocar to bring him on board to rub down the recently sealed woodwork. Winfield wasn’t coming today as he had an appointment in St Vincent. Anyway, Hanky was there when he promised and came on board. We had got a bit bored sitting down below last week so we were going to come and go today – but always leaving one of us on board as we needed to leave the boat open for the companionway to be done.

So I take the dinghy ashore on my own and went shopping. As you can imagine on a small island such as this there is no one supermarket selling everything – so I ended up shopping in six places to get some basic provisions, including Darkies for my fruit and veg. Quite enjoyed myself and even did a bit of international rescue taking a local fisherman ashore from his boat on the way back! When I got back Richard went off to the chandleries to get a few more bits and pieces. Eventually Hanky was done and Richard ran him ashore while I prepared some snacks as we have Chris and Linda from Troubadour coming on board tonight for Sundowners. Well – the heavens opened again. This was torrential……and they radioed to let us know that they would be over when it passed. Well, it didn’t really, but they managed to get a small window to make the short dinghy trip across the anchorage. Nice quiet alcoholic evening had by all and we were late to bed….

Tuesday morning and up early for a swim before Winfield came by at 8.00 am. So we left him in charge and went ashore for breakfast at Gingerbread. Yummmmmmm….. Back on board at 11.00 and we went down below and just lazed around and read books for the rest of the day until he had finished. Well – this was first coat of varnish day – and the results were amazing….. Another beautiful sunset while we were having a quiet dinner on board.

Wednesday morning and the weather was a bit grey and threatened showers – and Winfield is worried about rain coming down after varnishing. Apparently he needs a two hour window post varnishing otherwise it gets damaged and he has to start again…. So he spends most of the day sanding again…. It seems counter-intuitive to varnish, make it beautiful, and then rub it all down again – but apparently this is essential to get a real good finish and to ensure that it adheres and doesn’t peel off. Learn something every day! So another quiet day on board although we were lucky enough to be able to get an internet signal so caught up on some online stuff. Another quiet night and we managed to stay up until just gone 8pm!

Oh yes, did I tell you, we have been in the wars as Richard has an ear infection, I’m on the third attempt to fix my diving mask, and I managed to catch my finger in the locker door giving me a huge blood blister… well as my back which keeps twinging…. So feeling a bit sorry for ourselves – but everything is put into perspective when we get bad news from home about a younger friend who has passed away suddenly. RIP Michelle – you will be sorely missed.

Thursday morning and we have gone ashore for breakfast again and have our fingers crossed for a second coat of varnish as the weather appears to have settled a bit. Winfield reckons we’ll need six coats – so this will be going on for a while yet – and we hope to leave Bequia towards Mustique our next destination some time next week….. Watch this space. Anyway, we are looking forward tonight to sundowners onboard Shamal with John and Georgina..

So nothing much to report – just chilling here in Bequia. Bye for now