Fun in the sun in St Lucia

Saturday Richard continued doing boat chores while I had a massage in the spa – then worked with him until 3ish as we had arranged to meet Dan, Ruth, Lucie and Patrick for a bobbing session in the marina pool. The pool bar is closed – some of it being renovated for a new Moorings/Sunsail office – so we all bought our own coolers and supplies with us. Had a nice couple of hours and then headed back to Morphie for a quick wash and brush up before going over to Evensong for sundowners, dinner and a round of Mexican Train Dominoes. Had a great evening – with fantastic food – and fun company. Oh yes, and I won the dominoes! Yay… Richard was in a particularly silly mood and looked great in Lucie’s hat LOL….

Lucie and Ruth pool bobbingRichard modelling Lucie's hat!

Sunday we were up and about early having decided to take the day off. So around 11 we headed into the marina’s local bar to watch the rugby – England versus Wales. Quite a few ex-pats around and a diverse group so lots of cheering and banter from both countries. Great match and even better result!   Well done England…..

Back on board Morphie we gave her a quick spruce up as we were hosting the gang for tonight’s dinner. I prepared them a spicy treat with popadom starter – including home-made mint yoghurt and other dips – followed by a chicken curry with sticky rice. After dinner we stayed down below and had a ‘night at the races’ using our greyhound racing DVD – really funny with everyone cheering and shouting for their dogs…. Fake betting only – no real money exchanging hands – and Patrick won by being the boldest of us all! Not sure what the Moorings catamaran next to us would have made of all the noise coming from Morphie. Had a great evening and the food went down well…. so went to bed pretty happy.

Monday and Richard attacked boat jobs with gusto in the morning…… then headed into town to go to mum’s hotel, prior to her arrival on Tuesday, to get permission to use the pool etc while she is a guest. They welcomed us back with open arms and immediately said ‘yes’. Great news…. Went off to the hotel beach bar and enjoyed the peace and quiet before heading back to the marina pool for another bobbing session.

Mum's hotel beachChilling at the beach bar

This time we were joined by Lorna and Brian as well as they are in the marina now…. Good time was had by all. Later on we cleaned up and headed into town for a Chinese. Had a great meal – loads of food – and enjoyed a few cocktails…. or at least Dan and Richard did. I think they were a bit shocked by the ‘girlie’ drinks when they arrived…. and were pleading with me not to put the picture in the blog….. But hey, they look so good in their loud Caribbean shirts and pink drinks – can’t let the blog readers down! Sorry guys…. LOL.

Girlie drinks!Gang out for a Chinese

Tuesday we are up early and work hard all day on Morphie as mum flies into St Lucia from London this evening. Time is ticking so we get cleaned up and head to her hotel to be there on her arrival from the airport. Plane was slightly delayed and she finally turned up around 6.30 pm. Hugs all round, she’s checked in, admiring the reception flowers along the way, and I help her unpack in her room.

Hotel reception flowers

Very impressed by her shower which has jets everywhere – definitely plan to use that later in the week! We headed back down to the bar to reunite with Richard and had a really nice time over a few drinks. Mum was pretty tired and not hungry so we called it a day and headed back to the marina, once we’d checked she was settled in and safe in her room.

Mum's first sunset

Wednesday morning and Richard drops me off by dinghy at the hotel – so mum and I have a nice girly catch up by the pool. Then we headed to the beach for BBQ chicken and a local beer for lunch from one of the local vendors and enjoyed about half an hour chatting to some Rastas who treated mum like royalty! Back in the pool and Richard joined us about 2pm. We did some pool bobbing and mum enjoyed the local brandy…

Nice pool areaFlowers everywhere

Mum enjoying the brandy

Pool area 2

We then went to her room to clean up – yes the shower was great and met expectations! – heading back to the pool for the manager’s drinks reception which we had blagged an invite to… Had a nice evening fuelled by local rum punch with great food bites… loved the fish fingers! We did think we would stay in the hotel restaurant for dinner but didn’t fancy their buffet offering so walked down the beach to Spinnakers where we had a light supper before we said our farewells and headed back to the marina and so to bed.

Manager's cocktail party

Thursday morning and again mum and I are having girlie time – but this time on the beach. Bit busy on the beach because a cruise ship was in – and interesting to watch the locals working the crowd. None of them offered us anything to buy just saying ‘Hi’ to me and mum as we had had lunch with them the day before! Was very grateful as some of them were pretty full on – one particular individual was so bad I’m surprised he didn’t get punched! He suggested – to this 20 something female – that she should go with him to the bathroom for a good time!!!! Unbelievable… Richard came round at lunchtime – having achieved quite a lot on Morphie with reinforced davits for dink; new speakers for the saloon; and proper lifelines in the cockpit etc etc etc… After a baguette lunch we went bobbing with beer – very very hot and sunny today. Richard was horrified by the very very fat lady wearing a bikini…. check out the photo he took!

Beach panorama

Does my bum look big in this

All of the gang turned up – so dinks were pulled up the beach – and we had a great afternoon. Back to Morphie for a quick wash and brush up and we went back to collect mum for dinner. None of us were really hungry so decided to go to the Chinese – yes, I know, another one! – but great for sharing bits rather than having to have a full-sized meal. Lovely as usual….. so back to the marina suitably full.

Beach bobbingGetting refillsMum and the gang

Friday and it’s raining – hard – oh dear… This happened last year when mum was with us, so hopefully this is short lived! Richard is off with Dan to dive at the Pitons and I’m sitting in mum’s hotel room watching CNN and playing on the computer, while she makes me cups of tea and reads her book…..

Bye for now