Happy Christmas from Florida

Happy Christmas

Monday morning we were up early to check the UPS status.  Oh dear….our parcels are still stranded at Stansted airport (in the UK).   They’ve been there for two days now with no obvious reason why they haven’t moved….   So we phoned them and apparently they are going on a plane to the US early evening and supposed to arrive here in Fort Pierce by Thursday.   All things flexible are crossed and, feeling hopeful, we started looking at the weather forecasts to spot a window to make the offshore overnight passage to Fort Lauderdale.  Hoping to spend New Year’s Eve here….

Fort Lauderdale

We then received a wonderfully kind and generous offer to go over to Brad and Sandy’s for Christmas.   They were offering to do a six hour round trip across the state to collect us for Christmas and return us after.   Amazing…  Thank you both soooo much.  If the parcels do arrive on time, however, we need to be here with Morphie on Christmas Day as it is looking good for a Saturday afternoon departure.   Feel very sad to decline but we do need to get out of here….

The rest of the day we just relaxed and headed to the bar for sundowners – was planning a quiet drink and maybe some interesting conversation. Well, it turned into a bit of a session, and we ended up keeping the bar open and getting a really late night.

Having a chat

Tuesday we had a lazy start to the morning and then went to the marina boardwalk – to pick up a stronger internet signal – to talk to friends and family before Christmas.   Was lovely to catch up with Rachel and Kiera – sadly little Finley was having a nap – and also to talk to my mum.   Had messages from others too….it is definitely feeling like Christmas now. Even the sun came out and the temperature is rising – yay!   In the afternoon we walked up to the supermarket for last minute supplies and popped into the office to find a parcel waiting for us – and there was one.   What??!!?? Expecting two from Lewmar – one order only – and it’s been stuck in the UK allegedly.   Turns out it was the autohelm steering arm and it had got separated from the other parcel – let’s hope the rest turns up!!!

The afternoon was spent un-pickling the watermaker; removing it; taking it apart; replacing the cracked cylinder; changing filters and re-installing it.   Was an awkward job at times but we managed it and, wonders will never cease, it actually worked first time with no leaks.   We were very proud of ourselves LOL.

Old cylinder The cracked cylinder Watermaker repairs

Richard persuaded me to go out again after dinner and we had a nice few hours in the bar and managed to avoid going on with the staff to the local Inn – they were definitely up for a party!   The decision not to go was probably assisted by the very heavy downpour as we returned to Morphie.

Wednesday we got busy – the boat is back together again now – and we are fully provisioned up and all spares are stowed. So time to get cleaning – rugs bashed, floor hoovered, and all woodwork polished up.   And then we get a UPS alert – the parcel was being delivered – we rushed to get it and, finally, we have our spare autohelm. Sooo excited although it is too late to move on for Christmas but definitely straight afterwards – so weather watching goes up the priority list!

New autohelm

That evening was going to be a party night in the bar so we were getting ready having had an early dinner on board when we realised that the freezer was playing up! Really?!?! And of course it’s full of food – so we did some quick tricks that we have learnt along the way and one is to do a partial defrost as it can clear any blockages in the pipes.   Woo hoo – it worked!   As a result we were late going out and missed Happy Hour but we saved the food.   Had a lovely evening and decided to sign up to go to the Christmas Pot Luck with a few others – so I’m now making sausage rolls for a get together instead of just for us on Christmas Day.   It starts at 11.00 am so will not go on for long and we can chill after.

Christmas Potluck

This morning – Thursday – and it’s Christmas Eve.   It’s back to domestic duties – and the freezer seems to have had a hiccup this morning after a stable night so we need to do a bit more investigation of that….   Richard has just gone off to get fuel cans filled up and I’m feeling a bit emotional.   It happens every year and drives Richard bonkers….   Anyway it’s time to say a bye for now and wish all our family and friends a very special Happy Christmas.   Love you and miss you all….

Merry Christmas