Still keeping busy in Coomera

Wednesday morning we washed, cleaned and waxed the topsides together. Then it was time for me to tackle the laundry while Richard serviced the generator. It took a little while to get it going but, once started, ran very well. The generator hasn’t been used for at least nine months so pretty happy with that.

Overnight it rained really hard and continued into Thursday so we just spent the whole day chilling out down below.

Friday morning we had Harry along to do a rigging inspection. Last insurance renewal we had to prove that our rigging was sound – as Morpheus is over 10 years old – and they accepted a complete rigging report so we are pre-empting this annual request and had this done now whilst we have access to all the trades. All was good apart from some wear in the goose neck, so he promptly removed it and took it away to get new bearings fitted.

We then washed, cleaned and waxed the cockpit. Afterwards we had a late lunch in The Galley.

Saturday morning we headed next door to the Boaties Day Out at the Gold Coast City Marina. Not much to see apart from some Sunseekers and we enjoyed trying one of them out for size – shame we don’t have the AU$1.6mn available to purchase LOL.

Thought the floating Yot Club was pretty good and fancy having that tied to the end of your pontoon?? Would be a great venue for a party….

Some big private boats around in the marina for us to check out too along with some cute small ones for sale. Oh yes and even some live music.

Leaving the marina we headed north just for a drive. The forecast was for a miserable day but, so far, it was pretty sunny so we continued driving. We ended up at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Manly (where Steve and Jo usually berth but were out sailing for the weekend so sadly we didn’t get to see them). Was a very nice place and we enjoyed sitting in the bar watching the world go by.

Sunday morning, the forecast was for bad weather again, but it looked fine so we headed south to Paradise Point and had breakfast out and a few hours lazing in the sun watching the world go by. We left there around lunchtime as it was getting chilly so we headed to the Westfield Mall in Coomera to do some fresh fruit and vegetable shopping before returning to Morphie.

Monday morning we were up early and did some more laundry. We also got our bags out of their storage area and started getting things ready to pack. And that was about it for the day. Oh yes and my Kindle decided to give up the ghost!

Tuesday morning we were up early and headed into the mall. I managed to pick up a new Kindle plus we also had our old iPhone battery and screen swapped out as they were both failing. While we were waiting Richard went for a walk and I got my hair cut. We then returned to Morpheus so that I could blog and, guess what, the phone didn’t work!!! So frustrating, especially as this phone is used specifically for our internet hotspot. So I quickly ordered another courtesy vehicle and this time ended up driving a UTE (truck) back to the mall. The guy said that he thought my mother board may be damaged and I explained that, although the phone was tatty and needed a new battery and screen, it worked perfectly well before they started playing with it. So in the end I walked away with the phone plus a full refund. And yes it isn’t happy….but we will try charging it up completely to see if that helps. Oh yes and on our return to the office there was a letter waiting for us and, OMG, can you believe it, our Medicare card has actually arrived!

Now back onboard I’m blogging while Richard has just been out and about and checking on the outboard. And, yes, they found something else wrong and are waiting on parts… Richard has told them when we are due back and told them it must be ready by then as we are moving on and need it….. But at least the riggers are on the ball as they had been on board and reinstalled the goose neck whilst we were out!

Richard is now cooking dinner (I know, what a treat!)…while I’ve just checked in online for tomorrow’s flights. Very excited about our little holiday to the Whitsundays.

Bye for now