Awaiting friends in the BVI

After blogging and provisioning we motored up the coast of Tortola towards Cane Garden Bay as the time was getting on.   After getting a good anchor set at the back of the mooring field and having cleaned ourselves up, we went ashore – definitely ready to celebrate my birthday!

Panorama of Cane Garden Bay

Tying up to the dinghy dock we came across this picnic bench boat!   Was a bit nervous when I realised that they were all drunk and were struggling to get on board, let alone manoeuvring this strange contraption!   Looked like an accident waiting to happen!

It will all end in tears!

Wandered down the beach – enjoyed Happy Hour at Myetts and caught up with Prince the bartender and watched the sun go down.   Always beautiful here…..

Sunset from CGB

We then wandered down to the Elm – was welcomed royally with hugs etc – and had a tasty  BBQ dinner.  This was followed by the Elmtones doing a great set and some dancing. Great fun had by all and back to Morphie suitably chilled – was a great end to my birthday!

The Elmtones Crowd getting jiggy jiggy

Monday and we are moving on again  – so picked up anchor.  The day started out beautiful but soon deteriorated to a windy and squally one…..and we were a bit fed up!   Richard decided to dance in the cockpit while under way to entertain me and I used the ‘ear’ of the bimini to keep out the worst of the rain LOL….

Running along the coast of Tortola Dancing in the cockpit Being silly trying to get out of the rain Here comes the rain

As we went through the Little Camanoe Cut – nice place for a retreat?!? – the weather picked up and we enjoyed the rest of the trip to Marina Cay.   We anchored again at the back of the mooring field and went ashore for happy hour and to pick up internet.   After a couple of beers we went back to Morphie for dinner onboard and an early night.

Little Camanoe Cut Nice place for a retreat!

Anchoring at the back of the fleet in Marina Cay

View from Marina Cay

Tuesday morning – and it’s raining again!!!!  Waited for it to clear a bit then picked up anchor – checking out Scrub Island on the way past – and started our trip up to Virgin Gorda….

Scrub IslandThe weather deteriorated….   Rain squalls with sustained winds at 30 knots and much higher in the gusts….   And we got wet….then we dried….then we got wet….and it was a white out….and more rain came….actually, it was pretty horrible.

Another rainy sailing day Horrible

We were thankful as we rounded Virgin Gorda near Mosquito Island and was quite amazed by the progress of the building works – rumour has it that Sir Richard Branson is going to use this main house as his own, and use Necker purely for guests…. Looks pretty nice!

Mosquito Island development

We passed through the reef and entered North Sound, to the back of the mooring field at Leverick, and got a nice set in about 15 feet of water…..   We went ashore – when the rain passed – just in time to do some laundry before retiring back to Morphie for an early night.

Leverick Bay resort

Wednesday morning and it was dull again – so another chores day…..   Came in for laundry again…. Then caught up on the internet…. After a few hours chilling on board we went ashore for the Pirate show by Michael Beans. We have seen this loads of times but always enjoy it – and had a nice chat with him during the interval.   While we were watching the show this English couple sat opposite us – and they were the people we had done the island tour with in Montserrat – what a small world!   Ended up a pretty late night!

Happy Arrrrrr show Getting into the spirit of it

Tall tales of piracy

Thursday and we had prepped the boat for another varnish day – but the forecast said rain and we couldn’t face having it ruined again….   So we lazed around and did a few jobs – and then wondered whether we should have just bitten the bullet and done it…..   But guess what – at 5pm, around the time we would have just finished varnishing, the heavens opened for about half an hour. Heavy enough to have ruined it again – glad we didn’t bother!  We didn’t even go ashore…..

Friday morning and we moved into the marina.

Leverick Bay Marina

We have a special deal with the manager for this as we have friends coming in to stay in the resort for three nights…..   Plus free water and ice…. So took the opportunity to wash Morphie down, get some more shopping, fill up the water tanks, plug into shore power, and generally tidy up and get ready for tomorrow when our friends arrive.   She sure looks pretty on the dock doesn’t she???

Morphie looking pretty

Anyway….this afternoon….. I took myself off to the Spa for a massage and Richard carried on working.

My afternoon retreat

Good job!   Finished….  We then went into the bar for Happy Hour….   We went back on board for dinner and planned to go back out to see the Jumbies – but decided to stay put in the end and have another early night.

We are really looking forward to seeing Carolyn and Ron again tomorrow.  They are not staying on board this year – they are going to be land based – with us being their personal water taxi, sailing them between islands. Should be fun!

Bye for now