Happy New Year!

After a couple of relaxing days on Anegada, including an international rescue operation when a boat ran aground at the back of the mooring field, we decided to head back towards Tortola as we are going to spend New Year’s Eve in Cane Garden Bay….so, as it’s Sunday, we may as well go a day early and visit our favourite watering hole the Elm for some live music.

We had a fantastic downwind sail and enjoyed chasing down boats who had left ahead of us – we are really getting to know how to trim Morphie now – and we overtook one monohull and held off a big catamaran behind us.   Colin – our autopilot – played his part as we watched on in admiration at his skill.   Why Colin?   Well, Richard used to sail occasionally with a guy called Colin North who is a great skipper and a safe pair of hands so our autopilot is named in his honour!

While underway I’m also getting to understand the AIS and how it depicts boats near us.   It is also a great tool for anybody who is slightly nosy as I can tell what the boat is called, how fast it’s going, it’s draft and whether it’s sailing / motoring or moored.   Nice!  And will be a really useful piece of kit for future night sails…

No Elmtones tonight at the Elm – instead Steve was joined by Jeff who has played with Bob Marley and the Wailers….a fantastic set and the place was absolutely full to the brim…  The staff were rushed off their feet trying to accommodate everyone but they managed it.  We spent the evening enjoying the music, chatting and catching up with old friends who had arrived on island that day.   

During the night it was really rolly …. if you can imagine trying to sleep on top of an inflated gym ball you’d get some idea!  In the morning we decided to move further out to see if we can get a more peaceful night – also, north swells are predicted for Tuesday morning and, if they come early, we can get out of here quickly.     We found a better spot and got ourselves set.    Did a few boat jobs and had a swim…as well as a bit of breakfast at the Sailors Rest and some provisioning at Bobby’s supermarket.    Oh yes, did I mention that it was raining cats and dogs at this point?   And then we realised – oh no – it’s cruise ship day and the beach is being transformed into huge lines of beach chairs and umbrellas.    These poor passengers are being shipped in and then dumped on a paradise beach – but in the rain…  Oh well, it’s only liquid sunshine, and at least it’s warm!

We went ashore about 2pm and went into Stanleys – now renamed Tonys – and chatted to some people.  Amazed by how many people are on this beach, but hey, at least they are spending money to boost the local economy.   And then, like magic, they all disappear and the locals pack up all the chairs for another day.

Back on board and a relax before getting ready to go out tonight.   Richard wants to party and is a bit grumpy because I didn’t let him go to Foxy’s on Jost for the big event of the year.   There was a reason – not just me being a party pooper, honest – but this is such a big event there are hundreds, literally, hundreds of boats crammed into the harbour and outside and no sane boat owner would put their boat at risk of being rammed in the night, particularly if the wind gets up.   Richard did agree – I just hope that there is a party happening somewhere to make him happy!

Well we went to Myetts for a drink around 8.30 pm – and Candyman was playing and getting the crowd up dancing.  We all got crowns too…   Had some fun and met some more people we knew from before.  Including the two Dutch families we had met in Anegada – although it is a bit like land of the giants as they are all over six feet tall including the gorgeous 11 and 14 year old girls who could be models if they wanted – legs up to their armpits, you know what I mean!   

Anyway….we decided to decamp to Quitos as we knew that Quito and the Edge were playing live tonight.   The party was in full swing when we got there with a real nice mix of locals, ex-pats and tourists all mingling and having fun.  Dancing, drinking, laughing were all compulsory elements and we had a really really good time.

Then suddenly, it was midnight – Happy New Year everyone!    Suddenly I felt really sad not to be with friends nor family – what a wuzz – really must get a grip….   So wiped away the tears and enjoyed celebrating the start of a new year which, for us, is the start of a great adventure…

And to cap it all, today we had also heard that the rest of our stuff has turned up – so we are heading to Sopers Hole in the morning (also to escape the swells) in preparation for checking out and returning to the US on Wednesday.  Soon we will be free….

Bye for now


PS – my iPhone has decided to go on the blink – so no texts to / from me at the minute.   Sorry for anyone who has sent something through…  When I get a good internet connection I’m going to try a factory reset and see what happens.  Fingers crossed!