In holiday mode….

Headed back up the coast of St John to Cruz Bay to formally check out of the USVIs….  Didn’t used to have to do this when travelling on an ESTA but we do now that we have visas.   Process was simple and painless and we wandered around Cruz Bay for a little while – loving the Church no parking sign – before returning to Morpheus and headed over to Jost Van Dyke to enter the BVIs.   All done – all legal – drop one courtesy flag and raise another.  

Before we were going to head off to the Soggy Dollar Bar we decided to try and solve our IT problems – our new router will not create a boat hotspot as it is supposed to, the set up page refuses to open to change settings… spent a few hours in Foxy’s having a couple of beers while we took advantage of their wifi and power.   Grrrr….still won’t work…. even though I’ve done every fix that’s been recommended by the manufacturer – so it’s back in its box for another day. 

Too late for the Soggy Dollar now, so we carried on doing more boat jobs and then we headed to Corsairs for dinner and had a great evening – met some happy Pirates;  hanging out with some new friends  Audrey and Craig from Houston; and met the Movember boys from Tennessee who had decided to keep their whiskers for their holiday.    Had a great time – as always – fantastic food and great company with Vinny, Ghee and Roger…   Back to the boat late and heavily laden with Sauvignon Blanc – and another day is over.  

This morning we listened to the Caribbean Safety and Security Net for the first time on the SSB – huge interference from our refrigeration units and wind generator – so had to turn everything off to get good reception.  But at least it’s working properly now that the grounding problem has been resolved.   This morning having listened to the weather forecast, it seems that the bad weather threatened is now just usual Christmas winds – so we’ve decided to stay put, do more boat jobs, and head off to the Soggy Dollar later.

We did go – even though it carried on raining – and had a great afternoon socialising with Mick, Shaneek and Winsome.   Always a great welcome from these guys … and did manage to go bobbing (with beer) for the first time on this trip!   

Back to the boat before the sun sets – we don’t like to come round the point from White Bay to Great Harbour in the dark in the dink…especially in the confused seas we have right now.    Quiet night on board and so to bed.

Bye for now