Nice day at anchor…

Decided to stay here in Mahoe Bay, St John, USVI today and get on with some boat jobs.   Got quite a few done – including putting up our brand new barometer and clock – which look fantastic on the bulkhead in our saloon.   We also have ‘peek-a-boo’ blinds everywhere now for added privacy – they are fitted inside the ports and slide across to block out prying eyes, looking a little like vertical office blinds when open. 

After boat jobs we went ashore to have a look at the campground in the bay – think lots of trees, wooden hut type arrangements with outside viewing platforms nestling up the hill and loads of steps.  Had a walk up to the top of the hill to the camp’s restaurant – 219 steps, phew! – and took a few photos of the anchorage.

Nice views and all that – but really buggy here – so we retreated to the water and bobbed around for a while (this was beer-less bobbing!)…and then came back to the boat.    Was thinking of going back for dinner – but didn’t fancy the climb again even though was tempted by prime rib night.

People seem to really enjoy this back-to-nature stuff but I think the bugs would get me down personally… maybe that is why so many of them went off to do a sunset cruise on board Heron.

Quiet night in tonight – we are constrained by our need to return to Red Hook to drop off their outboard once we’ve collected ours from Tortola this coming week – on top of some bad weather forecast.   So not sure yet of our plans but tomorrow is a dead cert – check out of the USVIs and check into the BVIs in Jost Van Dyke for a Soggy Dollar afternoon and a Corsairs evening.  Well, it is the weekend….

Bye for now